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Welcome to The Good Credit Life Prosperity Club.  We are a Multi-faceted Prosperity Initiative by The Profit Society Inc. to aid the financial welfare of the everyday person with a platform to build lives along with communities that are Happy, Healthy, Wise and Wealthy.  Through enabling access to foundational wealth building instruments and tools, i.e.:  Credit Repair/Amelioration, Life Insurance Reserve Funds, Unlimited Income Earning Opportunities, Skill building Education and more.

  Our unconventional approach and tactics make way for creating sustainable prosperity for our communities.  The first step for most is our Credit Repair program.  Our Club Consultants will work with you to help you repair, restore, and/or build your credit life quickly, effectively, and without all of the headaches, while preparing you with the essential building blocks for a wealthy and prosperous life for generations to come with our innovative T.I.P. Service *Prosperity Fund. 
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Fast, Friendly, Credit Repair.

A credit score is a number used by banks and lenders and tells them how much risk they are taking on by giving you a loan. In other words, it helps determine if you will be able to pay back the money you are lent and can determine whether or not they will lend you the money.

Not only can a bad credit score prevent you from qualifying for a loan, but it can also determine the interest rate associated with your loan. Bad credit scores can result in higher interest rates which means you will need to pay back more money. Essentially, bad credit can cost you thousands of dollars in added expenses.

Your credit score should be periodically checked and handled carefully by a professional. Let our experts assist you with raising and maintaining a higher credit score.

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Prosperity Reserve Fund Service

Prosperity Reserve Fund is a concept utilized as a tax free storehouse of money for your savings and opportunities.  We develop a properly structured Cash Value Life Policy that will be a source of Wealth Building, Supplementation, Wealth Transference, Asset Acquisition, College Funding, Real Estate Investing and much more.  We will share in the fund equity that will be built.  This concept has been used by the likes of many business magnates.  A short list is compiled below;

Ray Kroc
(Mcdonald's Corporation) - borrowed money from two of his cash value life insurance policies to help overcome cash flow problems, to pay his employees and to start his Ronald McDonald marketing campaign. 

James Cash Penney
(J.C. Penney's)- Used his cash value to save his business during the Great Depression. Which ultimately saved his business eventually going public on the stock market due enlarge to the safest and most secure asset on the market even though it took 20 years for the stock market and real estate market to rebound. 

Max and Verda Foster
(Foster Farms)- borrowed from their life insurance policy to invest in an 80-acre chicken farm that would take across the world and back with there products.

Walt Disney
(Walt Disney Company)- failing to secure enough financing for the building of his dream amusement park Disneyland, borrowed a large part of it from his cash value life insurance policy.  While is tough times his policy’s cash value continued compounding for him despite the loans needed to finish his vision

Percy Miller
(Master P: No Limit Records)- formed his music empire No Limit Records from $10,000 received from his grandfathers Life Insurance policy.  In 1998 alone the label sold 15 million copies from 23 album releases that grossed over $160 million.

This service is our way To Insure Prosperity!  We are invested in your betterment!  To Insure Prosperity! We put our money where our mouth is. To Insure Prosperity!  Get started or find out more TODAY!

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Customer Success Stories

"You have made a huge difference in my credit score. You helped remove negative items off of my credit report which helped me secure my loan. It's definitely worth the time and the money to use this service. I can't say enough positive things about this company. "
- Carol R.

"Losing my job wrecked my credit and if it weren't for your help, I would have never been able to dig out of this debt. Thanks to your hard work, improving my score and getting better credit was incredibly easy."
- Paul C.