is the only answer! Credit repair has helped me begin to restore my credit! Credit is very important especially when you have children that need to go to college. Good credit is like having money in the bank!
— Angela Marchie
“I’m embarrassed to say how low my scores were, but they were in the high 400s.  After 90 days, I’m almost totally clean, and my scores have risen into the 700s.  I can’t believe it.  I’m getting my new mortgage at an awesome interest rate.  Thanks Prosperity Club!”
— Diane Smith
“I had a heart attack a few years ago and really had financial problems with mounting medical bills, a tax lien, etc.  I needed to buy a home for retirement and could not get financing.  My score went from 525 to 807 in a matter of nine months.  I not only qualify for a mortgage, I also received a great interest rate.”
— Ronald White
Thank you so much for a great experience and your attention to the details. I was truly impressed with what we got for our money!
— Julie Smith